ExtractRenderMesh for Sub-D?

Hi @BrianJ

I did not test, but I presume _SaveSmall is fixing the problem.


! -_Export _GeometryOnly=_Yes _SaveTextures=_No _SaveNotes=_No _SaveSmall=_Yes
VertexWelding=Unmodified YUp=Yes enter enter


! -_Import


This is the final object

I wish to extract the mesh from the environment map.
Command to extract e map?

Is it ExtractAnalysisMesh ?

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An emap is a spherical mapping method. I’m not sure what you need but ExtractUVMesh would be the flattened render mesh if that helps.


Yes thx u so much

Environment map UV mapping: spherical projection.
thx Brian, I’m Ok.

Hi Alan
Somehow I managed to messed up your Macro… it was working great until today when I tried to change one of the options.

no idea what I did wrong [probably an incorrect space]

here it is how I have now with an error :
! -_Export _GeometryOnly=_Yes _SaveTextures=_No _SaveNotes=_No _SaveSmall=_Yes “/Users/akash/Zbrush Work/FromRhino.obj” VertexWelding=Unmodified YUp=Yes enter enter

[I tried to change the Unmodified value to Welded]

in addition, perhaps you know if it is possible to manage the mesh setting from the macro? I basically as dense as possible, Currently clean light single span Srf comes into Zbrush as a not very nice mesh [my OBJ slider setting in the export options is at max poly]

thanks a lot

@Akash , press enter after Rhino.obj” so that VertexWe… is in the next line?

Thanks Alan
I was helped a while back and got that that obj export just right with the mesh setting the way I needed it in ZB.

I still seems to be stuck with getting a similar macro to work with FBX.

with best regards