Extracting the text from a dxf file into grasshopper

Hey everyone, i have imported a dxf file into grasshopper (1st photo). All of the lines from the drawing(buildings, forces) all appeared(2nd photo). The problem is all the texts such as the value of the loads and title of the project all does not appear. Any ideas anyone?

I dont want to import directly to Rhino. I want to do it through grasshopper.

Standard grasshopper (for Rhino 7) doesn’t have annotation and texts data type.
You can generate texts and annotations but only as a bake operation, so not importing them from rhino document or another file.

You should import your .dxf file first, and then try your luck with some plugin like elefront to get more data/geometry types in grasshopper.

Thanks for answering, I tried following a script i got from

and it works as he said. But I guess the text that I was looking for is in something called Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity(photo below)

Any idea how to extract it?

PlainText property?


Use Ghpython or c# to read the TextEntity