Extracting surfaces

when performing an ExtractSrf it would be nice to have “grow” and “shrink” options. “grow” would take the current selection and add all ajacent faces. “shrink” would remove the outermost faces from the selecion.

Hello - if you’re feeling adventurous, here’s a plug-in to try - it extracts tangent faces and it does have grow and shrink options - it’s probably not hard to just have it grow/shrink without attempting to find tangencies at all, but for now this might help. A caveat is that it cannot work if there are bad surfaces in the object - it tells you that, but just so you know… Use ExtractBadSrf first when that situation turns up.

ExtractTangentFaces_.rhp (39.5 KB)


thanks a lot, i´ll give it a try. also thanks for the bad surf info …

works like a charm, thanks !!
would be nice though to have the command in the rhino core or the options in standard extractSrf.