Extracting specific set of lines from a relaxed mesh in Kangaroo

Hi there,
I REALLY need help in extracting particular sets of lines from a mesh which has been relaxed using Kangaroo. In this project, I used a voronoi cell and then defined its vertexes as anchors and after remeshing the brep, I made it relaxed with kangaroo plugin. Now I want to extract these lines (blue ones), as it shown in the picture, from that mesh.
Thank you in advance. !
Relaxed Mesh|555x500
Grasshopper_voronoi_porous.gh (12.6 KB)

Maybe to use Shortest Walk with BRep edges as wanted paths and Mesh network as Curves list. Then pick manually from pool of resulting ShortestWalks, since i couldnt figure out your selection rule.

That’s Great !!! that is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!
I haven’t heard about " Shortest walk ". it is superb!