Extracting multiple U isocurves from surface

Looking for a way to extract multiple evenly placed U Isocurves from a surface in grasshopper.

hi, I think you could do it like this:

Step 1

SubSrf_2018Mar2a.gh (7.5 KB)

This will divide the surface equally in uv parameter space, not equally in xyz world space. It’s not entirely clear which of the two @dmweekes1 is after, but I suspect the second.

Same problem with @Baris’s solution btw.

To divide equally in xyz space (in sofar as that is possible at all with a curved surface) one would have to divide one of the edges into equal length segments, then project those division points back onto uv space and only then generate the iso-curves.

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Thanks David, how would you project onto uv space?

  • nevermind - i just used surface closest point to translate! Thanks
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What is this component???


no, no, no, no


PT- Paneling Tools plugin.

Remaining 2 components: WombatGH plugin

@Robinicks Grasshopper Docs website will help you next time:



I guess @Proterio is looking for Isotrim.

BVR : BUSTED :rofl:


This is ISOTRIM?

I dont think so. Looks like some kind of domain component. I wish replies were held to the same standards as questions. I wasted an hour looking for this…

I want a range of isocurves.

So you’re looking for Range:

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Next time you can use this VB Script from @DavidRutten which produce an image of all your components with icon and name. Recently i got this from old thread (2012)

CreateIconMap.gh (4.1 KB)


Thank you, But I dont see any output

Did you look in your %documents% folder?