Extracting (copying) from group

In V5 extracting (copying) objects from a group using Ctrl+Shift resulted in action taken only on selected objects while in V6 same action affects other objects even without their points being turned on.
Is it desired action? Is it optional? (two samples attached)
I have preferred previous behavior.


Hi Piotr- I am not sure if I follow- if I have a group of objects and I sub-select one or more from within that group and Copy them, only the selected objects get copied - is that what is not working for you?



Copying works fine but, at the same time, it affects surrounding objects
that are not selected for copying. See the brown lines that runs from sofa
to the copied objects.

In V5 only blue-marked objects would have been copied.
In V6 it also drags the points that fall under the selection window (the
controls points are turned off). You would have had this behavior in V5 if
control points were turned on.

Please look again at the upper left image. The control points are turned
off , there shouldn’t be any distortion in geometry.

If my message is still unclear for you I will try to make a better


Got it- yes, thanks- the problem is sub-object selection with a window. That is a problem… I’ll see what we can do- I think I mentioned this to Mikko -I’ll see if I can find that conversation.

@Piotr - found it - http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-28187

Look in Options > Mouse for the setting to allow window selection of sub objects.



OK, Thanks. I will keep an eye on it.