Extracting associated loads for a module

I have a question regarding the possibility of applying associated loads on a module, The module separated from the main place in a global form such as tall buildings. I want to simulate the associated loads (Gravity and Wind) on one module lonely. How can I find these associated intrinsic load from global model to apply separately on one module in Karamba?
This picture shows what I mean?

Hi, if you extract the results of the forces at particular points on your global model then you can apply them onto your module model. You can use the Shell Forces component to extract these values

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Thank your for your response, The result of Shell forces and Beam forces are tensions. for applying on individual Modules I need forces of the each module, not tensions, How can change them easily?. And why the all utilisations in shell (regard legend of shell view, third picture) are zero? thank you for your helping.

my question is related to the question I set forwarded a couple days ago, so I didn’t create new category, So, if it is possible, please give me a work around?


I am unsure what you mean. You can retrieve the normal forces, shear forces and bending moments of a beam as well as a beam. For beams, it retrieves at minimum the endpoints of all beams, whereas for shells, it retrieves the forces for each shell face