Extracting a surface from Rhino which has an unexpected mesh pattern


I am relatively new in Rhino and grasshopper, so I apologise in advance if my question is silly or if it has been answered multiple times in the past.

I’ve generated a simple, cylindrical geometry which I would like to import into a finite element analysis software in order to generate a mesh. Ideally, I’d like to generate a uniform mesh of equally spaced points.To extract the generated geometry, I used the ‘bake’ button which converted the surface (generated using loft) into different components. Although in Rhino the resulting components seem to be symmetric and the generated grid of lines is uniform, however when I import the model in the FE software, the mesh looks like in the picture attached. Any idea why is this happening? I’ve also provided the grasshopper script. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Upload file.
  2. you subdivided your surface, but didn‘t created a mesh. It looks like your software just meshed the surface and this not uniform. Use the the points from surfacedivide to construct meshes with 4 verticies and join them afterwards. May this way your fe software doens’t rebuild it. But as you didn‘t provided any file or the name, I can‘t help you further

Dear Tim, thanks you for your response. Attached is the file. The ‘divide surface’ command will generate points throughout the surface, as you already mentioned, but I would like to generate the mesh without having to construct any points, but instead, by importing the generated surface directly to the FE software. The FE software will then be used to generate the mesh based on this given surface.

cylindrical_shell.gh (8.5 KB)

Sorry I don‘t get it. Your problem is that In the fe software the mesh isnt nice distributed.
Mesh are constructed by verticies (points). If you don‘t want to create the mesh in grasshopper, but you want a nice distribution in your fe software, you should may ask in it‘s forum.

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