Extracting a facade by point on grid?

Hello guys, fairly new to grasshopper and entirely lost about how to go about this.
What i have is a structural grid piped and offsetted is a voronoi facade and i want to have a branched script that is able to retrieve a ‘piece’ of the facade and bake it individually.

What i attempted is using item list on the offsetted surface, but i seem to have trouble with the order. Using closest point works better?

Lastly i have no idea how to proceed from there, can grasshopper use bounding box to cut? Any advice is much appreciated!

facade extraction test.gh (43.0 KB)

This gives you the divided (SubSrf Isotrim), unholed morphed surface, one of two sides of your “thick” SrfMorph. It could be the basis for extracting sections of the holed brep.

facade_extraction_2019Oct20a.gh (63.1 KB)
(WARNING: this model is SLOW)

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Thankyou that was exactly what i was hoping to achieve! Just the last step is when i bake it, it doesnt grab the facade but the plane. How do you suggest i link two and two?Capture

Instead of splitting the holed (and thick) surface, I went back earlier in the code, before Extrude. WARNING!!! This is VERY SLOW, meaning several minutes(!!) at the saved U/V settings (4 X 6). Higher resolution may take much longer?

facade_extraction_2019Oct21a.gh (67.7 KB)

P.S. Pleased to report that using higher U/V settings of 29 X 20 (580 subsurfaces) takes “only” ~eight minutes or so on my old laptop.

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Thank you so much! This looks really complex for a beginner like me haha, i guess ill spend some time digesting this. God bless!