ExtractConnectedMeshFaces not working

First, when I fire it up, I get the dialog that has the angle set at 0.00000, and a selection is highlighted. However, when I hit extract, nothing happens. If I check “Copy” or “Border only”, the highlight disappears. In any case, nothing is extracted.

There is also the issue that the angle setting does not need 5 places after the decimal… A bit much, no?

Lastly, hitting the arrow on the “increment” - set to 10 by default - it goes by orders of magnitude - 100, 1000 etc… Not very useful either.

The dash version flashes the connected mesh faces when clicked, but they don’t stay highlighted.

In short, there is practically nothing about this command that works here currently. :confounded:


Hi Mitch - I’m checkin’ it thanks - dash version was working nicely not long ago… I’ll see what I can see.

It does all work here so far…
(Except the five places of precision, I’m with you on that… bit much.)


Hmm, yeah, seems to be working more or less OK here at home… on an almost identical computer that I have at work… Odd. Will try again tomorrow.

You don’t think the increment setting that jumps in orders of magnitude (x10) is odd as well?


I don’t… I quite like that feature so far… but if you all hate it…


At home it was a different file… So, it looks like it’s this particular model which fails, as it seems to be working here with something simple like a cube.

Try extracting the connected triangles of the top face with a setting of 1 degree… everything goes into the toilet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: ahh, it works if I UNWELD the object first… But shouldn’t it work without doing that?

InTheToilet.3dm (177.9 KB)


RH-41880 is fixed in the latest WIP