ExtractConnectedMeshFaces fail

In the attached, with a value of less than 1 degree (to try to get coplanar faces), selecting any face in the mesh results in the whole object being selected. But obviously there is a 90 degree corner in there…

Fails in V6 and WIP here, RhinoCommon equivalents included

EC-MeshFail.3dm (34.1 KB)

the mesh has a degenerate face. After repairing, ExtractConnectedMeshFaces works as expected

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OK, thanks Gijs, I don’t know if it should be considered as a bug or not then… I thought I had eliminated those beforehand, but I have worked on several versions of this object, so maybe this one didn’t “get the treatment”…

not sure either but my guess is that when a face is degenerate there is no way for Rhino to know its direction. On the other hand, it could just ignore degenerate faces or at least tell the user that the mesh is wrong.