Extract the outer surface from a cylindrical mesh

@martinsiegrist actually Scale is just because of computation time, extend curves also accepts negative values.
@jeremy5 extremes nice point! I managed to sort and split it to dynamically adjust the surface resolution. @sekimataki In case you need the holes you can take the advantage of interpolate to intersect it on purpose and then trim it, if not just replace it with the standard curve control points to avoid deformation.


211007_mesh_sift_outside_ev.gh (440.0 KB)


Hi Erick,

Awesome! Going through this, component by component, to work out what you have done is going to be highly educational and expand my limited Grasshopper skills. Thanks for posting.

I had to download and install the MeshEdit2 plugin for the final steps. However when I enable the split, the final list Item outputs two invalid breps and they won’t bake, even though the loft bakes fine. Any thoughts?


Hi Jeremy, that’s strange but at the same time not, in Rhino7 it works fine, maybe the edges that touch could cause this, I updated it and performs better.