Extract the longest and shortest length of a geometry


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Hi everybody,
I want to extract the longest and the shortest length of a geomtery, when it’s a rectangle they coincides with the length ansd the width of the geometry, but when it’s like the two others how can i proceed? I try but i want to verify if it’s true or not.
the second point that i strarted but i didn’t finish is how to establish the quotient L/l ( L is the longest segment inside the geometry, and l is the shortest one)

Larger and shorter.gh (7.6 KB)


You can try this, it should work for any planar geometry.

Larger and shorter.gh (8.3 KB)


Not sure what your definition of shortest / longest length is, but for a more irregular geometry I guess you would need something like an oriented bounding box ?!

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thank you I think it works. I want to extract the Quotient:

  1. L/l >=3.5
  2. <L/l<=3.5
  3. L/l >=2

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There is a “And Gate” component which lets you test if several conditions are all true - is this what you are looking for?

But if the problem you are trying to solve is simply “Detect if this shape is a rectangle”, there may be better ways to do it…


Do you want to filter your input shapes according to these 3 criteria ? or create 3 lists of all quotient values for each criteria ? Or maybe something else ?

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I want to separate the three lists because in every case the 3 D shape ( that I’m doing later) is different .
For example if L/l >=3.5 then the 3d shape is a barrel vault ( I did the the barrel vault, but i need to connect if with the hole programme) :slight_smile:


Ok, so try this :

You will have to adapt the test criterias to your real need.

I have changed the start of the workflow to handle 3D geometries (using BoundingBox instead of PlaneThroughShape). But the quotient is computed only on x and y dimensions.

It outputs 3 lists of shapes :

  1. Q >= 3.5
  2. 2 <= Q < 3.5
  3. Q < 2

I chose to color them, but you can do whatever you want instead.
Larger and shorter.gh (15 KB)

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thank you , how can I use the shortest and the longest segment as a cuve not just a number, to use each one later in the construction of the vault.? i tried line SLD but it doesn’t work…


SLD Component is used to build a line when you have a Start point, a Length and a Direction. If you find a way to extract these datas, you’ll have a straight line.

You’re first question was to extract dimensions of you’re shapes. If now you need to extract a subcurve of the shape, the logic must be adapted, because the workflow wasn’t using subcurves but the complete shape itself.

My inputs are polylines :

  • Explode Component to extract subcurves
  • Length Component to measure curve’s length
  • Sort List Component to sort subcurves by their length
  • List Item Component to extract first and last item of the sorted list (longest and shortest Subcurves).
    Larger and shorter.gh (13.1 KB)


I thought you were maybe asking for these curves :

I used SDL Component to give you an example.
Larger and shorter.gh (16.5 KB)

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Thank you but I know those steps, and they are valid only when the curve is a rectangle.
my purpose is to find the longest and the largest segment of a curve and to mesure the dimension of each one of them.


That’s not true. If you look at the definition, it can handle any type of curve.

I think that you could find what you want in the length component. I suggest you take a panel component to see what’s excatly output of each Component. Then, it’s your job to find the better way of using them by composing with every GH tools.

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I tested it and it works very well, I’m sorry for the previous reply ^^