Extract tangent faces plug-in

Pascal’s plug-in for V5 to extract tangent faces is/was a massive time saver for me. Will that make it’s way into V6 ? Could this become a standard command ?

For now, I can give you the python script and you can make an alias with -runpythonscript to get the same functionality. Note, this was my very first foray into Python & RhinoCommon a couple of years ago, so the fact that is manages to work at all has nothing to do with any even semi-reasonable coding practices or logic. Be nice…

ExtractTangentFaces.py (24.9 KB)

That said, I also find it to be very useful, and so far amazingly reliable. I don’t know what the prospects are for inclusion in V6. It IS possible to add python commands, we just have not done it yet,


Yes. When I get sheet-metal components with over 1000 surfaces per skin side and then hundreds - thousands of edge surfaces, a command like this makes all the difference. And as you already mentioned, very reliable.