Extract surface data using python script


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Hi there,

I am currently working on a project where I would like to optimise the parameters of a surface model. The surface model is generated from Rhino. So I am trying to extract some parameter values from the surface (python script) so that I can put into an optimisation tool, but I could only extract surface control points. But what I need is ‘thickness of surface’ to optimise parameters, not points. So my questions are,

What kind of parameters I can extract from a surface model?

Would it be possible to extract thickness of surface?


Hmm, simple surfaces do not have “thickness” in Rhino… Are you looking for some sort of analysis of a section through a volume model in a given direction to determine a ‘thickness’?

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Thank you for the comment.

I am not quite Rhino expert so I could not really understand 'a section through a volume model".

The information I am having now is the model consists of trimmed surfaces (shell) & surfaces. The part I am trying to optimise is a cross section of the model but I do not think this is a volume model. Is it clear?!
Please find the attached picture. The yellow surface is where I want to extract parameter (thickness) and optimise.