Extract Polylines making Building Face and Openings

I was referring to this portion of the code I posted:

In your model, this culls the top surface of the upper floor.


Exactly, that’s what I thought. Thanks again Kevin. :slight_smile:

Hello @kev.r and @wim . Your responses helped me build further. I have one more question and if you could please help me with it (I am not sure if I should create a new post for it or not). I have created some kind of areas on the facade and drew some vertical and horizontal lines (axes). I want to create some rectangles as shown in the figure (black lines) by keeping the axes and windows as bounding limits but on the whole face, not just the top floor. These rectangles/boxes should not intersect windows and can be of varying width and height. Could you please help me with that? It would be a huge favor. I have highlighted the surface of windows and axes in the picture. Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

walls_from_mesh_220207a_1.gh (38.7 KB)

Best to keep questions or updates about the same project in the same thread.

Here’s one way:
walls_from_mesh_220207a_1_re.gh (48.4 KB)

Edit: Pufferfish and treesloth plug-ins are used in this solution (I saw you had used pufferfish in your file).

Edit2: Here’s a version that does not use treesloth (still uses Pufferfish):
walls_from_mesh_220207a_1_re2.gh (43.9 KB)


wow @kev.r this is so cooool. It is very helpful for me to build on. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you so much :slight_smile:
I hope I am able to solve the next steps myself and don’t ask more questions :smiley: