Extract point cloud on surface edges


I would like to know, if there is any option to extract the point cloud on the edges of freeform surface?
If there is no direct option, I would like to know if there is any work around option?

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Can you clarify here? I’m not sure what you mean by that. Surface edges are defined by NURBS curves, you want the control points of those in a point cloud?

I’m not looking for control points. I looking for extracting of data points(Editpoint) along the surface edges.
Is there any command to extract data points along the surface edges or is there any work around such as extracting the poly curves along the surfaces edges and then get the point clouds along the edges?

_DupBorder the surface, _EditPtOn with the border curve(s), select the edit points, _PointCloud.

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Hi Helvetosaur,

I tried your suggested option and its working. Thanks.

Now I’m trying to export these point cloud x,y,z coordinates (.TXT file) and try to importing in other application (Diffsys), when I import .TXT file its giving an error called points are not in a ordered way.
Is there any command in rhino to make points in ordered way or is there any work around option?


With Edit points, I’m not sure, I would have guessed that they would be in order from start to end. Otherwise I guess you might need a script, first explode the joined border to get the edge curves - which I think should be in order from the start point - and then get the edit points, hopefully also in order… But I have no idea what Diffsys really needs.

Hi Helvetosaur,
The points are not in a order, I tried other way as suggested by you by exploding curve and then get edit points, but result is same.
Is there any Script which I can run and the get the points in order?


I think we would need a sample surface to work on… --Mitch

rhino-test2.3dm (162.8 KB)

I have attached sample surface, If you could give me some solution, it will be very helpful.


Hello - try DupBorder and Divide - does that get you anything useful? I’m not sure why you need edit points…?