Extract mesh wires

I need to do some analysis on sets of curves that could be the extracted wireframe of a mesh(or just some curves, which I’ve done already.) I’d like to extract the wireframe from a mesh, but OMIT the outer perimeter(s?). How could I do that?

What do you mean by “outer perimeter”, the naked edges of the mesh?

Do you mean to extract the individual face boundaries as a closed polyline, or only unique mesh edges as lines?

I guess the “brute force” method would be to get all the mesh wires, then get the mesh outline, explode and simplify everything and then look for duplicated segments and delete all which are found.

Or instead of trying to find duplicates check all the exploded wires and see which have both start and end points which lie on the outline polyline… delete.

Okay thanks, yeah if there’s no one-liner solution I’ll probably try a little different approach to the whole thing…the edges will probably produce garbage output I can ignore…or maybe I should tackle the problem mesh face by mesh face…