Extract mesh face command

I am running:
Version 6 SR14
(6.14.19127.17141, 5/7/2019)
and am experiencing a problem with the extract mesh faces command that I haven’t had before. I can run the command select faces and then nothing extracts. Any ideas?

When I run check, it is a bad mesh and one of the problems is duplicate faces. But the extractduplicatemeshfaces command isn’t working either.

Hello - run Check on that mesh, my guess is it has non-manifold edges or other bad things…


Yeah I already ran check, it does have degenerate-faces and non-manifold-edges and …other bad things…

But that has not stopped me from running the extractmeshfaces command before.

Hi - If you want someone to take a look as to why this is happening, you will have to provide the 3dm file.

I resolved this issue two ways: one by exploding and then re-joining the mesh. The other by saving out the mesh as an .stl and then importing it.

a file with the problem is here: