Extract loft line

Hi there,

I have an issue that seems minor, but I can’t find a solution.
I have two lines and I like how the loft is connection them. I tried the catanery line, but lofting gives it a better form. However I need the new outline that the loft creates.

The Deconstruct brep won’t work.

Thank you for any advice.

230706 problem loft.gh (21.6 KB)

I found the solution by accident. Lofts between two curves are created through nurb curves. So if you put all three vertex in a nurbs curve, it creates the curve.

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Your lofted surface folds over itself at this curved profile. This is why you can’t extract an edge there - there isn’t an edge at that location.

If you look at this, you can see that the surface is folded over and overlapping. If you evaluate the surface at a given UV location then reverse the UV values and evaluate again you get the same point but the normal is reversed.

230706_problem_loft_re.gh (13.2 KB)