Extract IFC Parameters located inside Type Properties of Revit Element

I have imported an IFC file from one of the subcontractors inside Revit. I would want to extract the IFC Parameters from Type Properties. Could anyone help me with this?

You will need to query the types, then get its parameters


Why tag Unreal Engine & Rhino 6 in the post?

Thank you, Rickson. I removed the Unity tag. I tried using this it still doesn’t show up

What is the ungrafted Element going into the Get Parameter? That needs to be a Type (query Types).

What is the list item reference? That needs to be a key, hard to tell from the image. One way to get the proper key is to use the Inspect Element component.

This is the whole script.I also used Inspect Element component, but no output. Well, I use list item for IFC Parameter, it returns a null, but in Revit Type properties it shows up as you can see above.

Could you share the IFC file so we can simulate your error on our side?

You need to be getting the Elements Type Parameters.

The category parameters is returning both instance and type parameters, which have different size lists on various elements. Get the type, if you need to get Parameter Keys use the Inspect Element component on the Type.

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