Extract group values in a list (branch index)

How can I extract specific branch domain of values in a list?
See attached below (for e.g. domain from {0;0;0} to {0;0;1})

Thank you

Split Tree with a custom mask maybe ?
It’s unclear it you want the path numbers ot the content.

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Thank you @magicteddy,
It is the solution I was looking for as an output list, but is it possibile to use a parametric domain to Masks input? (the domain depends from other values).
Thank you again

It is possible to build the mask from text blocks. However this is not really suitable if the tree is level 2 or higher.
@11159 solution may be better for those cases but the numbers don’t necessarily mean the same thing.
Depends on your data I would say.

TreeMasks.gh (17.1 KB)