Extract GPS photo properties for 2D graphic map

Hi all,
I try to ask your help, I am not sure that this is doable.

I did a photographic survey of a huge area. Hundreds of pictures made with a smarthphone.
Once back home I noticed that “inside” every photo there are the GPS properties (see image attached)Cattura.

Now, I have to create a 2D map of this huge surveyed area full of buildings and put a dot or some other sign ( like the typical “V” ) which highlights the position the photos were taken from. Moreover, every dot or sign should have a label with number (or even photo name).

Is there a way to create this points cloud from GPS photo properties trhough grasshopper?

Perhaps https://rhino.github.io/components/mosquito/eXIF.html does what you need.


yes this is possible:

Based on this, I copy and pasted a script together. I can’t however test it. Maybe it works

ReadGPS.gh (7.2 KB)

@TomTom, thanks.
the script does work.

Now I realized that I need to convert from geographic coordinates (Lat, Long) to cartesian coordinates (XY).
There are equations to do that. But the thing is getting complex, not all the datas of the equation are easy to find.
I’ll try a little more, then I guess I’ll just do it by hand :sweat_smile:

thanks anyway

Hy @Dario
With Heron you can convert (Lat,Lon) to (XY)