Extract a serie of surfaces from a solid

Hi, I would like to extract a serie of surfaces from a solid. I used “contour”, then “planar curve”. However, it identicates some contours are not “closed”, so it doesn’t work. If I use “closed curve”, it doesn’t do what I want (look at the pictures). I tried in Grasshopper too but I had the same problem…

Anyone got any ideas ? Thank you ! (I’m using Version 5)

Hi Laurie see if there are any naked edges on the mesh (ShowEdges>NakedEdges). You might be able to close it up with AlignMeshVertices. Feel free to export the object and post it here, that is the best way to get help.


Thank for the quick answer !

I just tried but it don’t seem to change something. I used “closecrv” and got the same problem.

Laurie.1.3dm (16.1 MB)

Hi Laurie - as you can see from ShowEdges > Naked Edges, as I suggested above, the mesh is chock full of naked edges - these will naturally leave open curves from sections.There is some work to be done here - the gaps are large - you can use MatchMeshEdge with a distance of 50 units - it’s a big hammer way to fix it but it may be good enough. Use UnifyMeshNormals afterwards. Sections/Contours should be closed depending on command line options for joining.


Wow, it works perfectly now! I’m a Rhino beginner and I’ve been looking for a solution for 3 days, thank you very much for your help.