Extracing Mesh Slices (from PolarArray) with Scale

I have a tooth in which I’ve used Polar Array to create cross-sections through the mesh (see attached photo).

Is there a way that I can extract images of each slice (separately) in plane view? If so, is there a way that I can extract the slice containing the original scale and unit information?

Thanks for the potential help!


Your description to “Extract images of each slice”, seems to imply you think your scanned mesh is a solid containing internal detail. It’s not. It is just a joined series a tiny mesh facets.
Your cross-sections are curves of intersection between the mesh and planar surfaces where you created them.

The curves are independent of the mesh. You can make copies of them and arrange them wherever you like, but they are just faceted curves made up if tiny little straight segments where the plane intersected the individual mesh facets.

I doubt that is much help but it may help explain the simple nature of what you are working with.

Thank you for the response! I appreciate the candor.
Indeed, I only want the outline of the tooth, rather than any internal composition.

Ideally I’d be able to view each slice/outline separately, in plane view (potentially with a scalebar; a longshot, but who knows).


I assume you used a planar (mesh) surface to create the cross-sections and that these therefore are planar polycurves.

If that is correct, than selecting one, calling CPlane with the Object option will set the construction plane in that viewport to that one cross-section. If you then run the Plan command in this viewport, you will be looking straight into that cross-section. Then you can either use the grid to have a sense of the scale or you could manually make a scalebar first in, e.g., the front view and then select this scalebar in the front view, call ReMapCPlane and then click in the viewport that is oriented to the cross-section.


That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you for the help!