Extra Options for Contour Command?

I’m Not sure if this is a feature request, or a query for workarounds that can enhance the function of what the contour command already does.

I think it would be Great if some of the following behaviors could be included into the functionality of the contour command.

  1. Ability to follow a Path, Curve, or Arc.

  2. Some extra options for spacing.

pie in the sky idealism for the perfect contour command:

A type of hybrid functionality which borrows on characteristics of the divide command, the offset command, and even the sweep command… would be quite exciting.

I’d love to be able to have contours placed on the divisions of a path.

Or to even have a second contour set that is offset from the original one. (thus allowing for a close pair of contours, spaced at larger equal distances.

Or, to have them align to a center point… or to sit tangent to a curve that’s being used to guide their placement.

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Have you heard of Grasshopper :wink: