External USB keyboard shift keys not working

The shift keys on my external USB keyboard ceased working today after upgrade to Version 7 (7.19.22165.13002, 2022-06-14). Is it possible that these events are related?

Not likely.
I use a USB keyboard and have not run into this.

I do get wonky behavior when it needs to be charged up again.

Assuming it’s fully charged, I’d be inclined to reset the Rhino Preferences file.

Any luck?

Hi John,

The problem was the keyboard, itself, which I have now changed. I don’t understand why keyboards fail like this. Key failure is usually put down to a worn contact but in this case both left and right Shift keys failed and I almost never use the latter.

are you using an apple keyboard or a 3rd party?

The problem occurred with an APPLE MB110Z/B USB keyboard. I have changed it for an A1843 (Bluetooth).

did it fix the problem?