External plugin not working

I would like to exchange data with Excel. The plugins, which I tried to install so far either do not work (Bumblebee), or cause grasshopper to crash (ghexcel).
Does grasshopper for mac support other external plugins for the exchange with excel?

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Third-party plug in support for Grasshopper is not yet complete as the porting of Grasshopper on Mac is still under development. Some add ons might work, but at the moment the is no guarantee that they will.

Ok, thank you.
I will keep trying different plug ins.

A few that I’ve tested with success (have not tested all of their components):

An important issue with things like Excel is that developers have typically used very specific windows means of connecting to Excel from Grasshopper. I am not too optimistic that any of the plugins that exchange data with excel will work without any extra effort on the part of developers.