External outline and filleting undercuts

Hey Everyone. I’m trying to make an outline of this part. I then plan to extrude it to height and mill it out of brass. Another issue is how best to fillet the undercuts so that a ,25" flat end mill can easily navigate the outline in a 2.5D profiling strategy in Rhinocam.

What would be the easiest way to accomplish this?


Terry Wellman
Aurora, IL

1.12 Top Trailer Suspension BRASS 4 Milling.3dm (14.9 MB)

Hey Terry,

I would run Silhouette from the Top view, then take the result and use CurveBoolean on it - click somewhere outside the whole figure to get the outer profile then inside the holes to clear them. Example attached below.

Terry-Trailer-MSH.3dm (13.6 MB)

I assume that’s an 0.025" endmill you’re talking about and not a 0.25" one. 1/4" is a bit big for this part… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Thank You Helvetosaur! That’s exactly what I’m after. I just tried it with another part. This is really very cool for me. Definitely adding this to my toolbox of knowledge.

Thanks again,