External editor possibility

I code mainly in ghpython and would like to use emacs as an external editor.

Is there a way to import the rhinoscriptsyntax as well as rhino common command in a way that can be used in emacs for auto completion?

It is not necessary to run the commands in Emacs and I can always use ghpython to import the *.py file.

Just try to make the coding and editing process faster…

If I remember right, @Helvetosaur has answered this one before…

Nope, not me… Don’t know anything about Emacs. --Mitch

Doesn’t need to be Emacs specifically.
But at least a way to import rhinoscriptsyntax and Rhino Common commands into an external editor.

Ways to run the code and debug is not necessary at the moment.

Yes, know what you mean. I’m pretty sure I saw a discussion about this on here. Sorry, but let me try to find it.

This post was targeted at Rhino for Mac users, but it might be useful to you: Rhino for Mac users can also write and execute Python scripts

They are using Github’s Atom Editor.

What’s wrong with Atom?

I’m in Windows and programming in GH.
Never used Mac before…

Atom Editor is cross platform. The process to connect it up to Rhino for Mac might give you some hints on how to do it for Rhino for Windows.

OK, and the problem with the built-in Python Editor in Rhino is…? It has autocompletion for both rhinoscriptsyntax and RhinoCommon. Plus debugging if you are running the script inside Rhino.


@Helvetosaur Autocompletion works poorly. After working on a daily basis with Visual Studio, using the python editor in Rhino really gets to me… What I would really like to see is Visual Studio as the main editor for Python scripting. That would make a huge difference.

@xliotx Check out @Angel 's blog. He did a post a while back connecting an external editor to a GHPython Component.

The auto indent and de-indent, change multiple variables at once, auto-completion for code blocks, etc…
Also, better auto completion is needed, not only for buildin functions, but for everyting.

I didn’t know this technique. Thanks.

i wonder what will happen first-
Atom for windows rhino
Grasshopper for mac

: )

Well, personally I’ll take the debugger and ability to set break points in the built-in Windows version over that stuff any day…