Exterior surfaces only

In Solidworks one can save an assembly file as an exterior surface only part and for complex assemblies it reduces file sizes dramatically. It is common for me to get customer supplied step files that include all the internal and external components. I am designing packaging for these items and I’m only interested in the exterior shape.

Is there a way to reproduce creating an exterior surface only model in Rhino using python?



Hi @eric.bunn,

Can you post a model that has “before” and “after” geometry?


– Dale

I can.



The larger of the two files is the original assembly. The second model was created in Solidworks by saving the original assembly as an exterior surface only part file. The file size is cut down fairly dramatically. This is what I am trying to reproduce in Rhino if possible.


Cust Supplied SW to Step For SW Import_Ext_Surface_Only.zip (9.0 MB) Cust Supplied SW to Step For SW Import.zip (13.3 MB)

There may be a way. But it going to take work on your part.

For starters, I’d calculate the bounding boxes of all solids. Then compare them and when you find a bounding box that is inside of another, then delete the owning object.

– Dale

Thanks Dale. That’s a good starting point. That will filter out a lot.