Extension of points with a repulsion point

Hello friends
I try to produce an extension of points with a repulsion point(attractive point) but unfortunately, I fail.
According to the picture, does anyone have a solution to produce this point extension so that only the points under a certain radius are repelled?

Repulsion_re.gh (10.6 KB)


Dear friend @HS_Kim
I want to install panels on these points that open and close with that repulsion point as shown in the image. I think it is hard work. Of course, I did some of it, but unfortunately it is wrong.
QQQQQQQQ.gh (16.4 KB)

Tip: @HS_Kim gave you an answer that you can modify and plug into the rotation of your surfaces in your script. It’s the same principle as moving the points.

QQQQQQQQ_re.gh (21.6 KB)

you are Amazing @HS_Kim