"ExtendSrf": usual problems that repeat

Still problems with this command…
If you extend the border © with the option “join = no”, it’s ok.
If extending the edges (a) and (b) the command merges everything into a single surface (the option “join = no” is not recognized).

Also, why can extend the edge (a) only to a certain point? Who or what determines the extension limit? (in fact, by moving the cursor to a certain point this disappears, as well as disappearing the preview that highlights the possible extension).
extend srf problem.3dm (47.1 KB)

Nothing answer?

Hi Davide - thanks I added some test cases


It should work, of course, in all cases, but the real utility Merge=Yes/No is more evident in extending untrimmed surfaces… my guess of the moment is that improvements in handling different cases will come ‘incrementally’…