ExtendSrf / Rapid Compound Srf Development

Hello Rhino community!

Autodesk Alias has some really cool surface manipulation functionality. Below is a tutorial video that illustrates a great method for quickly generating compound surface geometry that’s all connected. Alias has the ability to create a whole new surface, using their extend command (unchecking the merge option), it can be manipulated using control points / changing the degree. Check out the video starting at the 5:00 min mark.


Does Rhino have a feature that creates a surface like the alias extend command (with the merge option unchecked)?

Can you display the degree and span of surfaces and curves in the Rhino interface (with out having to rebuild) similarly as shown in the highlighted box below!

Thanks for your help!

Starts at 2:40, not 5:00.

See ExtendSrf in Rhino V6.

See Feature request: detailed object properties as tab