ExtendSrf problem

I want to extend edges of inner surface but it doesn’t work.
bombato.3dm (547.2 KB)
Can anyone say what’s the problem?

Hi eakan,

Try exploding it first then trim and rejoin


Hi Andy,

Trim with what? Green ring’s inner part?

ExtendSrf works on individual surfaces, not polysurfaces. Explode the ring polysurface into individual surfaces. Then ExtendSrf will work on the inner surface.


bombato.3dm (1.8 MB)
can you say why do filletedge doesn’t work in right and left sides?

Where does FilletEdge not work? What settings are you using?

radius = .4

There are stacked sliver surfaces in the through cut. See where my gumball has selected one of them. Delete them and rematch your corner fillets fixes the issue.