ExtendSrf pain

I’m finding extendsrf to be really…annoying. Slightly more annoying than in V6, but it was annoying then, too. In both of these attached files, I have trouble extending (with smooth option) the edge where I’ve put a point.

In Example 1, I can’t extend the edge at all unless I untrim the surface. But the trim shouldn’t affect extending the surface in this case, so…why?

In Example 2, I can extend the edge, but only a tiny bit. Then, I can click on it again & extend it a tiny bit again, which makes me wonder why I can’t just extend it more in one shot.

Also, I wish that extendsrf would basically just work the way that I do when I have to work around it. When it doesn’t work, I untrim with keep trim edge curves, delete the trim curve where I’m going to extend the surface, extent the edge, then extend curve on surface with the remaining trim curves and re-trim the surface. This works way more often than extendsrf.

example1.3dm (41.4 KB) example2.3dm (89.2 KB)

Hi Peter, I’m seeing the same thing here… looks buggy to me… I’ll write it up and see what the dev’s say-



If I click on that Youtrack, it says not found.

odd… shows for me… the dev may have set it to private for some reason-

it’s marked next up which means it’s in active development.


Hi Peter -

That should be visible now.