extendSrf fail on simple sweep

simple things that fail …:cry:
sweep curve to rail, (curvy blue along straight blue)
extendSrf select end of surface at blue curve and nothing is selectable.

unable to progress job, does my head in at times. :confounded:
ExtendSrfFail.3dm (61.3 KB)

The object is a polysurface, ExtendSrf is looking for a surface.


And fast fix:

Gumball ON
Select two corner points, click on red arrow on gumball, write a value, enter.

In Rhino V4 is option GumballEdge (Gumball Beta Plugin) is this in v5 removed ???

Hi Eddi - in V5, subobject-select (Ctrl-Shift select) an edge - Gumball will just work.


Aah, genial,