ExtendSrf changes - please give it a spin!

Hi all - ExtendSrf has changed, for the next WIP - you can now click and drag edges interactively, in either direction (i.e. extend or shrink back a surface on trimmed and untrimmed edges). Please give it a try and report cases that do not work as you expect.




Sounds good! (Y)

Hi Pascal
I downloaded and installed the latest version but I do not see interactivity in command ExtendSrf
Ciao Vittorio

@vittorio - check the latest WIP- I think one went out yesterday.

A few other things to try:

  • DragStrength command is pretty cool.
  • Distribute command.
  • Window select pans the view if you bring the window up against the viewport edge.


Pascal, I can’t figure out exactly what the first and second point direction does to the distribution.

Yeah… this is still somewhat open - that sets the axis to distribute on if you don’t want X or Y. It is only for direction.

DistributeExamples.3dm (70.1 KB)


The windows select thing is cool but I think it could be a double edged sword, especially if you don’t expect it! Also it doesn’t seem to work with a crossing window.

OK, that’s a bit clearer. I was using points for redistribution so didn’t see that it was just the axis of the spacing that changes. I was expecting that the objects would reorient along the vector of the direction.
A bit confusing that the order of the objects changes as well, (right side of the bottom example).

Hi Pascal
The last WIP is Ok.

Right, but the edges, in that odd angle axis, are in fact not in the same order as they are in the X axis - I think it is doing the right thing. But that custom axis thing may turn out to be too confusing as default input - it may need to be an option.


Seems like window select panning should work with SelWindow as well.

That’s really nice. Can ExtendSrf be enabled for open edges of joined surfaces please?


It should be working already. Is it not working for you?

Hi Rajaa,

I joined two identical rectangular planar surfaces then tried to extend one of the co-linear edges; that didn’t work. I can extend one of the un-joined edges, so that’s good.



Right. In general, ExtendSrf allows you to select a naked edge (in a surface or polysurface, trimmed or not). For a polysurface, both side edges (the ones to be stretched) should be naked too. However, I do see some inconsistencies. I will investigate.

I have several trimmed surfaces that will not extend. They will collapse, but not extend.
I get “Collision detected. Nothing done”.
Some surfaces will extend past the original edge if collapsed first, others won’t.
All will extend if untrimmed first.

Am I using the command properly?

v5 would extend a surface (even crazily) or return “invalid extension” if it couldn’t extend.


@Robert_Janisse1 can you send examples?

Here is an example of the surfaces I’m trying to extend.

I want to extend the red surfaces to the green ones to close off the form.

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ExtSurf surfaces.3dm (223 KB)

Hi Robert - thanks, got that.



Rajaa great work for this command! More functional and powerful than the past (it would be perfect if you could extend multiple edges simultaneously …).