Extending Rhino for Bim and parametric enginering

I have been using RhinoCommon to extend Rhino/GH for parametric engineering and BIMesq functionality.
I would appreciate if you proposed the best strategy to implement this.
Should I use the xBIM toolkit? Or maybe embed something like FreeCad into Rhino?
Idealy we would like to add parameters and data not limited by BIM standards, to the model, from a database(or maybe Excel files),
Are there any tools that already do this?
I don’t mean stuff like Visual arq…
Our goal in parametric eng. in Rhino with some BIM style functionality

Just connecting some dots here “Rhino” and “BIM” - might be useful, I’m not in the field of BIM whatsoever, just heard about this plug-in below


Could you give us a more concrete example of the kind of functionality you’d like to add to Rhino to enable your workflow?