Extending IronPython for Rhino with C/C++ code

Hello Forum,

I am a software engineer but very new to Rhino and not too Python savvy - although I have been delighted by the possibility of creating a Python script on my mac using the Atom text editor that runs in Rhino, but some of the stuff which I would like to do requires the speed of C or C++. Now, it seems possible to extend IronPython with C or C++ code . However, I am not sure whether this is also true for the IronPython that is embedded in Rhino?

If it should work, is it possible to create these new modules using the embedded IronPython or do I need to download a stand-alone version of IronPython and then transfer the files to site-packages?

On a higher level, I am not even quite sure whether extending IronPython with new importable modules is really the way that you would normally add native code plugins to Rhino or something completely different and possibly unsupported?


Very interesting. I had a similar question just now and could benefit from the answer to your question. I’d like to extend Rhino’s Python to add a Python package so that I can import Simple Core Midi functions. Right now it extended my 2.7.11 OS X Python environment, not Rhino’s.