Extend wall problem

when i use extend wall inside a block (for a typical floor) it cancels the Extention

Hello - what command are you running? In general, you can’t modify the contents of a single block instance, you need to use BlockEdit and the change will affect all instances.


I do not quite understand what you mean, I enter the block by block edit and as soon as I save the change and exit the block it is canceled

see an example

Hi @11170, the wall extension inside a Block should work. Can you attach the 3dm file and indicate which block you are trying to edit?

see attached. I try to extend to the beam. exp for review.3dm (2.7 MB)

Thanks for the file. I could reproduce the error. I’ll get back to you when we fix it.
Something you could to to workaround this is to explode the block, extend the wall, and generate a new block afterwards.

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