Extend surface issue (again)

Extend seems like another one of those foundation building commands which is surprisingly basic, still under-developed, and filled with issues.

Here’s another issue:

GIF 08.09.2020 11-05-39

extendsrfannoyance2.3dm (46.8 KB)

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try to describe an extension value. for example 2.

it is a wonderful command. However it lacks flexibility a little

enlarge the scale
…your object is too small to handle file tolerances

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Now it’s my turn to sound like someone from McNeel… I cannot replicate that on my end… :laughing:

I even tried adjusting the file tolerances, but no change. Still, it’s not THAT small a feature. Sure, I’m designing a fairly big thing, but it’s still a plainly visible one. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get this working.

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RH-60330 ExtendSrf: Inaccurate on rational surface


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