Extend dimension lines to a bounding box

Hello All,

There are lines in different directions inside a bounding box of which I would like to draw dimensions.

The linear dimension component let’s me offset all the lines in the same length:

What I would like to do is to get the dimension lines of each curve aligned to the closest edge of the bounding box like this:

any ideas how I can achieve this?

gh file:
aligndimensiontoboundary.gh (7.6 KB)



Your GH file doesn’t have a “bounding box”. Your image shows an outer box that is considerably larger than a Bounding Box ?

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Apologies for not describing it properly, it’s not a bounding box, it’s just a box around it!

Hasty, perhaps room for improvement?

aligndimensiontoboundary_2023Jun6aa.gh (13.7 KB)

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Thank you Joseph, this is good enough for me at the moment. I’ll have to take this further and will share that over here


Where will you take it? :laughing:

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