Extend Curve - ToBoundary doesn't stick

Hi there - small issue with the latest WIP (and possibly past version). In R5 the “ToBoundary” option of the “ExtendCurve” would stick (or be the default), so that I didn’t have to select “ToBounday” every time. I noticed that now this option doesn’t stick, so when I do Extend Curve I always have to select “ToBoundary”. Not a huge problem, but I tend to use “extend curve to boundary” most of the time, so this has added an operation I didn’t have to do in the past. Really no biggy, but if nobody points it out, nobody knows :smile:

Hi Tom - there is macro on the right click of the Extend button for ToBoundary - currently in V6 it is a ‘one-shot’ option which cannot be remembered but it could also be a toggle - ToBoundary=Yes/No, which would allow it to be remembered. I’ll look into that. Thanks,