Extend/assign wall to level

Hello there,
I wonder, if there is possible (or could be added in future versions) some way to assign fe. wall to specific lavel (CPlane). I think this could be usefull when you change the level evaluation, so walls (or floors etc.) laying at this level could move upwards and walls bellow extend to level, floor, roof…

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Hi Peter, this feature is already planned for future versions. I’ll let you know when it is available.
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Hi Frances, would there be a short term solution possible? E.g. a parameter on the IFC panel that we can set to a level. The parameter overrides the automatic assignment. We need this desperately for correct IFC exports.


Hi Silvano,
Maybe this is not the ideal workflow for that case, but you can create a custom parameter toa achieve this. The value for that custom parameter you assign to each wall will be exported as an ifc Property, so other programs should read it.
With GH you can automate the detection of which level each wall belongs, and the values can be assigned with the “Update Property” component.

In this example below, I first create the custom parameter “Level” in the Rhino Document Properties, so I could read it in GH. I also referenced the Building with the Building Param.
Finally I just need to hit the “Update Property” button.

Thanks for the prompt response. Unfortunately this does not solve our needs. We must export walls to Ifc files with the correct IfcBuildingStorey reference. The Ifc model check rules and modeling rules we cannot change, they are defined by the client.

In more detail:

  1. Wall layers must be modeled as separate elements.
  2. IfcBuildingStorey (VA level) must be set at finished flooring.
  3. E.g. a structural wall element must be placed on the raw construction floor plate. Thus it is under the level that VA uses to reference elements to IfcBuildingStorey. Same goes for any other type of geometry under the VA level.

I think it is important to allow us to assign objects freely to IfcBuildingStorey. Depending on culture and client specifications there are many possible configurations. Using the level as a demarcation for setting IfcBuildingStorey seems odd.

Please find below example VA and Ifc files. See the following screenshot from blenderbim to see the objects on incorrect stories and marked red where they should go according to the model checking rules we have to fulfill.

vaTestFileStoreyAssignment.3dm (615.1 KB)
vaTestFileStoreyAssignmentIfc.zip (4.9 KB)