Extend and Trim

Hi all, I have a question with my code.

here is my code:

private void CalculateCurveExt(Curve originalCurve, double extendVal)
Curve newCurve = originalCurve.Extend(CurveEnd.Start, extendVal, CurveExtensionStyle.Line);

private void CalculateCurveTrim(Curve originalCurve, double trimVal)
Curve newCurve = originalCurve.Trim(CurveEnd.Start, trimVal);

After Extending or Trimming the originalCurve, Is it changed or not?


Probably not, and it is easily tested by adding the original curve to the Rhino document before and after the extend or trim operation and using the SelDup command. If the curves are identical, they will be selected.

Thank you, I will try.