Exporting Torus as V4 Rhino


I’m trying to output a torus shape to a V4 Rhino version, but I get an error that this can not be exported with V4 and needs to be V5.
Is there any workaround for this?

Torus.3dm (42.8 KB)

Hi Toshiaki - just go ahead and export it - that is information, not an error message - should work fine.


Ok, thanks.
I didn’t see the info on several other that I exported though…
Anything special about a torus?

Hmm - I think I’d expect that on any export to an earlier version.

I think.


Ok Thanks.
Maybe I might have been mistaken.

Just to be careful, is there anything that might really get lost going from V5 to V4?
I guess like things like material proporties?

Right, material properties, Extrusions become polysurfaces, that sort of thing - the message is generic, since V4 does not have some of the V5 goodies, it does not mean that the torus will deficient somehow in V4.