Exporting to .SAT ACIS

Ok, First off I have been using Rhino for about 2 weeks. When I try to export a simple sign I created it says Meshes will be skipped. So do I convert meshes to solids? If so How do I do that? Please help…

You could use the MeshToNURB command.

But … If you have modeled this in Rhino, chances are things are NURBS. Perhaps you imported a mesh that is somewhere in the scene? Does the command SelMesh select the objects that you wish to export?

Sel Mesh appears to get everything but when I just drag a box around my
model it says (5) meshes and (22) polysurfaces…??


If you ask me, it’s the 22 polysurfaces you are after. Run SelMesh again and then Hide.

  • or just upload your file for someone to check.