Exporting to DAE - Errors with Window Memory

Hi everyone. I have some error message popping up everytime I try to export to DAE.

Any ideas how to fix this?



I guess bump?

I also tried saving as a .DAE that doesn’t work as well.

Additionally, .SKP files will “save” but then I navigate to that location and the file doesn’t exist.

Hi Kevin - does this happen with any file, even a simple one like a box or something, or is it particular files that show the problem?


It seems to be my file. I tried exporting a box and it worked. I did swap it to my laptop and it took forever but it exported a DAE that was 444 mb. The .3dm file is a gig.

It is a gabion fence model that I actually modeled all the rocks on (grasshopper). 11,000 polysurfaces and 44,000 surfaces.