Exporting to Biesse's bSolid for 5-Axis CNCing

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Our shop is the proud owner of a new Biesse Rover A 5-Axis CNC machine. I am having problems exporting to it in a way that it is happy with.

The program that controls the machine is bSolid, a proprietary system. I’ll leave out most of the details but we are designing in Rhino and trying to export to BSolid and something is being lost in translation.

It only accepts .dxf, .stl files (that Rhino can export).

If I leave the .dxf option along and export surfaces as curves (default) then the curves come in. But to rebuild those surfaces in bSolid is a non starter. If I change the scheme and instead go with with the solid scheme then bSolid see the file and says it imported something, even though nothing is there.

If I export .stl’s it comes into bSolid great, but as a mesh, which is causing bSolid to act wierd.

Anybody with any info? I figure this is a long shot. This video ( bSolid 5axes Step1 Import STL - YouTube ) from a Russian individual (i presume) is so close to having the answers but no file type is should on either the exporting or importing side.

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Seems odd for a “solid” modeling system. STL and DXF are mesh formats. What other formats does it accept? No STEP, SAT, or IGES?


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Looking at the youtube video the icon for the import is an stl file here’s a screen grab with the extension showing on my system.

I had a look at a few sites and it looks like mesh import is all the software can handle, listed here is DXF,STL and VRLM.


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DXF files can contain an ACIS solid (nurbs), but it sounds like Joseph has tried that by setting the export scheme to Solid.

If the system is designed to import and machine triangulated models, it should give similar results to a nurbs based file, assuming the triangles are small enough. After all, most machining programs tessellate a nurbs file to produce a segmented tool path (all straight line moves in the G-code). The CNC’s motion controller may be doing some spline interpolation to achieve smooth motion.

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Not sure if you have worked it out yet but I had a whole year of strugling with this and got a solution from biesse after a lot of a battle!!

I have a DXF export scheme from Rhino that is working with good results. We have had a huge amount of issues with B solid but we are getting on much better now.

I could list the issues but I would be here all day!!

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I would love to hear (read) your solution Driftwood!

Currently what we are doing, where we need a combination of curves, points and surfaces, is to export a .dxf scheme that gives us the curves and a .stl scheme that gives us a surface. Then importing each into the same BSolid file before doing anything to the file. Doing that insures they come into the file in the same relative position they were exported at.

Not the end of the world but not as simple as I’d like.

It also does not solve all problems because if you have more then onesurface in the .stl the machine can’t differentiate between them, even if there is no link between them, and any machining operation you try and do on one surface BSolid works hard to perform on both, which is usually a fail. So it those situations it requires multiple surface .stl exports and imports into BSolid.

Again, it works, but it is pretty lame.

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Have you found a better solution?

are you still strugling?

Our company use Biesse rover a smart 1643.
Can you please share experiences such as format file, process of export files, work with bsuit…
Can we pick face is modeled from spline curve and loft?


We are using Alphacam for all our complex 5axis surfacing for our RoverBG and Bsolid for the simple 5 axis machining that doesn’t require a model or surfacing. Alphacam will read solids and mesh. We post out an ISO file and load directly in Machine simulation. You have create a bsolid file to locate you pods and rails. Alphacam can import native Rhino files.

Bsolid can handle: iges, x_t, sat, step, stp as well as others.
Depending on the surfaces (complexities I guess) some formats are better than others.
at the moment I prefer iges. Though some files are heavy to load in. Bsolid is very buggy in my experience. At home I’m sitting on 64gb ram, and 24 core threadripper, and it still is slow, and at times (struggles with files with loads of splines and lines) runs out of memory, though the program itself never gets past 10gb itself).
However, the import module is something one chooses in the license plan. If mesh is the only thing one can import, then maybe the license has to be updated with import module.